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A volunteer day to remember

At Evertec, we are rich in diversity in terms of our gender, race, experience, ethnicity, education, generation, culture, age, nationality, and language. But we are also rich in generosity. This was demonstrated through at our eighth annual Volunteer Day.

Volunteer Day is our annual day of community service. Once a year, from Puerto Rico all the way to Uruguay, we join efforts as a single Evertec team to carry out different activities to help make the world better for the families, environment, the animals, and the communities from where we operate.

This year, our volunteer campaign focused on diversity, and the event—held in November—embodied our commitment to society through multiple service projects. These projects were the result of the work of hundreds of our team members, who had the opportunity to share and support nonprofit organizations in Latin America, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. Our excitement in bringing our diversity to the participants of the organizations we support was evident in the volunteer hours that were shared with these organizations. This, in turn, shows that our interest in supporting and collaborating with those in need is a genuine part of our corporate culture.

We are thankful for the support of our leaders and for the commitment demonstrated by those who organized and led our Volunteer Day. Thanks to them, we successfully placed Evertec volunteers in Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and Uruguay. A special thanks to the 22 organizations that welcomed us, making it possible for our collaboration in helping them transform the lives of children, the elderly, people with disabilities, and the animals they care for. We would also like to thank the organizations dedicated to protecting nature and our environment, a cause equally important for our organization.

During our eighth annual Volunteer Day, we provided support to the following organizations:

In Puerto Rico

  • Instituto Loaiza Cordero
  • Fundación Síndrome Down
  • Siervas de Maria
  • El Comedor de la Kennedy
  • Hogar Ruth
  • Hogar del Niño Ave María
  • Hogar de Abu
  • Hogar Rafaela Ybarra
  • MDA
  • Brownie Blondie Foundation
  • Fundación Team 821, Inc., Vieques en Rescate
  • Programa REDES

In Latin America

  • Hogar Bolívar
  • Fundación Planificable
  • Fundación Servidores del Servidor
  • Fundación Callejeros de la Misericordia
  • Fundación Orca
  • Corporación Masbosques
  • Fundación Bandera Blanca
  • Jompéame Redalco
  • Karumbé
  • En busca de un hogar.

There is still more work to be done. Our commitment is evident and the message is clear—at Evertec, we share common goals with these organizations: work in collaboration, provide aid, and focus on promoting social well-being. You are not alone. You have Evertec to help you move forward!

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