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Add Evertec poynt!


Dedicated security processor.
Point-to-point encryption.


Wi-Fi and 3G


Poynt Operating System.
Equipped with Poynt HQ.
Convenient integrated applications.
Ready to integrate with third-party applications.

Ready for the future

MSR/EMV hybrid reader
Integrated NFC
QR code

State-of-the-art, convenience, and mobility

Accepts any payment method, easily processes email receipts, accesses refund history, and completes terminal close-outs with a single button.

Maximize your sales experience

Access payments, product catalogs, price checking, clienteling, account management, and employee training from a single device.

Mobility and flexibility

Scan and call on customers who are in line, in the hallways, or outside your business, thanks to its integrated Wi-Fi and 3G services. Process payments with any card, including NFC and EMV cards, among others.

Total control from the cloud

Manage your device remotely: Add new users, update applications, track its location, and wipe its data to keep full control of your assets at all times.

Security at your reach

Poynt’s operating system includes threat monitoring, medical and logical security, and Point Encryption (P2PE) in compliance with PCI standards.

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