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An integrated card issuance solution platform that can be modified according to the needs of the financial institution. Modular services for the management of the complete life cycle of card programs.
Administrative and financial services for cardholders
Credit limit control
Issuer management

modern, secure, flexible and parameterizable platform to develop your issuer business

  • Complete management of accounts and cards, including prospecting
  • Physical and / or virtual credit, debit and prepaid products
  • Generation and validation of security elements
  • Clearing and settlement of transactions, local and international
  • Generation of account statements
  • Authorization through owned system configured based on defined rules

transactional switch

Routing of purchase authorizations, cash withdrawals, cashback, usage controls, among others complementary tools

complementary tools

  • Transaction monitoring and alert analysis of suspicious patterns
  • Dispute processing (chargebacks)
  • Generation and sending of notifications to cardholders (SMS / Email / Push)
  • Alternative integration through APIs
  • Token provisioning and lifecycle management
  • 3-D Secure for cardholder authentication


  • Certified Processing Solution with major brands
  • Wide variety of product parameters
  • Multi-country
  • Multi-language
  • Multi-currency
  • PCI Compliant

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