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Solutions that meet all the needs of the acquiring business from configuration, operation, management reports and complete business administration.

Certified with the main brands

24/7 activity monitoring

Real-time alerts

Automate and digitize financial management

Modern, secure, flexible and customizable platform, to allow you to develop your acquirer business

  • Intuitive back office platform to manage merchant and commercial conditions
  • Multi-channel management for payment acceptance (card present and card not present)
  • POS integration: Chip / Contactless / PIN
  • Transaction clearing & settlement, local and cross border
  • Parameterizable fees

Transactional Switch

  • Switching to the main brands (Visa/ Mastercard/ American Express), local networks and/or “On Us” transactions
  • Direct connection with big billers
  • Integrated with Payment Service Providers and payment capture devices

Value-added Services

  • Transactional monitoring and suspicious pattern alert analysis
  • Dispute management services (chargebacks)
  • Merchant Web Portal
  • 3-D Secure protocole for merchants

switch transaccional

Enrutamiento de autorizaciones de compras, retiros de efectivo, cashback, controles de uso, entre otras

herramientas complementarias

Monitoreo de transacciones y análisis de alertas de patrones sospechosos

Trámite de disputas (contracargos)

Generación y envío de notificaciones a los tarjetahabientes (SMS / Email / Push)

Alternativa de integración mediante APIs

Aprovisionamiento de tokens y administración de su ciclo de vida

3-D Secure para autenticación del tarjetahabiente


  • Cloud-based, service-oriented architecture
  • Certified Processing Solution with Major Brands
  • Wide variety of product parameters
  • Multi-country
  • Multi-language
  • Multi-currency
  • PCI Compliant

POS terminal handling

Direct and control the activity of your POS network

The Point of Sale or POS terminal management service involves direct communication between the POS and the authorizing switch. Through this service the process of liquidation and closing of the terminals is carried out

  • Balance / Closings Consultation
  • Redemption of Points
  • Multi-trade / Multi-currency

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