Take advantage of the efficiency of offering new digital collection channels to handle your billing process.

Service that digitizes the payment of issuers and acquirers in order to allow customers to make electronic payments for service invoices or online purchases, using checking accounts, savings, credit cards, prepaid or payment coupons.

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Allows issuers and acquirers to digitalize payments for their customers to accept electronic payments of invoices or online purchases, all in a quick and secure manner through any device.

Allows the use of traditional payment systems for electronic payments, even for the unbanked population.

Improves the purchase experience for customers, people and companies.

Fast implementation

Offers traditional payment method thru a web portal to pay invoices or online purchases using the payment methods defined by the issuer (checking accounts, credit lines or saving accounts). It also has an application specially designed for smartphones and tablets, which enhances the user experience.

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