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Payment Portal

Facilitate your customers’ money management through EVERPay Web, our banking payment portal for FIs which:

  • Processes electronic payments for multiple merchants
  • Accepts bank accounts and credit card payments
  • Offers bill presentment
  • Allows automated recurring/subscription payments
  • Allows payment cancellation
  • Provides up to 13 months of payment history
  • Allows immediate access to new merchants
  • Eliminates the need to manage contracts with each individual merchant, avoiding cumbersome payment data transfers and individual settlements
  • Provides payment statistics and reports
  • Permits the delegation and coordination of all technical and operational details to EVERTEC

Correspondent Banking/Remote Stations

Expand the availability of collection points for the capture and processing of commercial customer payments through our remote correspondent banking services. This smart and easy to use web-based application:

  • Provides features to capture and process payment information
  • Prevents the capture of incorrect account numbers via account number structure algorithms and check digit validation
  • Allows users to pay invoices at any retail location or bank branch
  • Provides a security module to define administrative and station-operator functions

Captured transactions are processed the same day and the biller receives funds immediately after nightly processing.

Automatic Clearing House (ACH)

Reduce your business costs and time of handling paper checks by processing electronic transfers through EVERTEC’s Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network, a comprehensive solution providing ACH origination and complete back-end operations. EVERTEC’s ACH Processing Services facilitates Financial Institutions’ control and management by offering timely and efficient bill payment, eliminating manual processes and mitigating customer risk while complying with ACH regulations. Our services include some of the following flexible and robust capabilities:

  • Online access and control
  • Multi-institutional processing
  • Originating Depository Financial Institutions (ODFIs)
  • Automated processing, stop payments, settlement and returns
  • Handling of reversals and adjustments
  • Debit authorizations
  • Electronic payment authorizations
  • Transaction warehousing
  • File distribution
  • Client notifications
  • Activity reporting
  • Risk management

Lockbox Services

Simplify the collection and processing of your commercial customers’ account receivables by having check payments mailed directly to a centralized PO Box through EVERTEC’s lockbox service. After the mail is collected on a daily basis at the General Post Office, physical transactions are sorted and documents are then imaged, captured and processed with our image-based solution. Information-related payments are electronically transmitted via secured methods to the Financial Institution’s commercial customer, and checks received from the processed payments are deposited in the commercial customer’s bank account. Our lockbox service is generally divided into two categories: Wholesale and Retail

  • Retail lockboxes are for companies with high volumes of consumer-oriented payments such as utility and/or loan payments that often include a standardized payment coupon.
  • Wholesale lockboxes are for corporate-to-corporate payments which tend to be higher dollar amounts than retail lockbox transactions. These transactions usually do not include a standardized payment coupon and require more manual effort to process.

Other lockbox services are:

  • Single and/or multiple payment processing
  • Check-only payment processing
  • Form processing
  • File formats: standard, custom and EDI 823
  • Integration of payment information received from multiple channels (branches, telephone, web, payment stations, etc.) within the same platform and output file
  • Retrieval of payment information and corresponding images via DVD or Internet
  • Reporting
  • Validation of information against negative files