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Tailor specific solutions for any kind of merchant from small to large, regional and global. Manage your cross-border acquiring operations with the ability to manage merchant portfolios in different countries. Exercise complete control of your merchant billing, clearing and settlement processes with the support of the only full-service provider in Latin America.

Allow the acceptance of all types of payments: online, in person, mobile and over the phone, with no restriction on the type of transaction processed. Use our flexible settlement and statement options and automatically settle transactions with your merchants. Also manage service charges, transaction fees and propose attractive pricing options to your merchants through our robust fee generation engine. Our modules support:

  • Merchant origination
  • Boarding, activation and retention
  • Billing, clearing, settlement and reporting
  • Fraud and risk management
  • Chargeback, disputes and collections
  • Multiple pricing and charging capabilities
  • Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) and international brands fee management
  • Merchant campaigns and promotions management
  • Merchant management support

Go beyond in the acquiring arena with our ATM & POS Acquiring Solutions. We provide a broad range of services that will help you run your ATM and POS operations smoothly, thus making your customer’s transactional life easier.

ATM Acquiring Solutions

Benefit from our experience managing financial institutions’ ATM networks and provide a better service for your ATM users. Our ATM Driving and Management Solutions provide switching to major brands, authorization, settlement and monitoring. They also supports all major ATM models.

We manage a host of ATM services, including: Screen Graphics, Voice Guidance, Preferences (language, account type and mini account statement, fast cash withdrawal amount), a transaction monitoring tool (Gasper), donation collections, PIN changes, cash deposits, image deposits, and prepaid mobile recharge.

POS Acquiring Solutions

Our wide range of POS Driving and Management solutions supports traditional point-of-sale systems as well as mobile phones, e-Commerce and electronic cash registers (ECR), supporting your merchants while delivering value to end users.

By using our Software Development Kit (SDK), any front-end interface can be integrated into our processing platform. Our EVERPay gateway platform allows merchants to process debit and credit transactions through different channels, web terminal solutions, PC-based terminal solutions and smartphone point-of-sale solutions. It also supports front-end connection for Value Added Reseller (VAR).

Payment Portal

Facilitate your customers’ money management through EVERPay Web, our banking payment portal for FIs which:

  • Processes electronic payments for multiple merchants
  • Accepts bank accounts and credit card payments
  • Offers bill presentment
  • Allows automated recurring/ subscription payments
  • Allows payment cancellation
  • Provides up to 13 months of payment history
  • Allows immediate access to new merchants
  • Eliminates the need to manage contracts with each individual merchant, avoiding cumbersome payment data transfers and individual settlements
  • Provides payment statistics and reports
  • Permits the delegation and coordination of all technical and operational details to EVERTEC

eCommerce Solutions

Capture and process online payments with EVERPay CheckOut, our web application and electronic payment processing system which accepts and processes credit and debit (PIN) cards and ACH payments. EVERPay CheckOut also supports PC and mobile browsers.

Kiosk Payments

Increase your customers’ payment options by providing them with a full self-service payment acceptance device which processes credit and debit cards, ACH and cash payments. EVERPay Kiosk, our configurable touch-screen user interface device, provides both centralized and remote management and monitoring tools. With online Internet or dialup access, these kiosks—easy to install at any location—provide payment settlements, balances and reports.

Online Call Center

Receive payments by phone with EVERPay Call Center, a web application developed to process credit card and ACH payment deposits that is capable of managing unlimited users. With EVERPay Call Center, funds are deposited automatically into merchants’ bank accounts and they have access to payment history reports.