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In-Clearing Processing

We process checks issued by your customers even if they were negotiated at other financial institutions (FIs).

POD (Proof of Deposit) Processing

We receive and process checks and other items from FI branches, commercial customers and EVERTEC’s departments, which process FI transactions.

Incoming and Outgoing Returned Items

We receive, on your behalf, the Incoming Return Items files presented by local FIs and from the Federal Reserve Bank. We also receive physical checks that cannot be included by FIs, and we can also print Returned Check Notices with the Image Replacement Documents of the returned checks.

We process Outgoing Return Items by performing a signature and format verification on checks, based on your pre-established rules and hierarchies. We pay or return the item according to your final return information. We can also print the Returned Check Notices with the Image Replacement Documents in accordance with Check 21 requirements, and deliver it to your customers.

Exception Item Pulling and Fraud Detection

Our platform automatically separates items that are outside your defined parameters for a visual inspection.

Signature Card Imaging and Sorting

We digitalize and upload signature cards into our application, including instructions related to each card.

Image Capture, Storage and Retrieval

EVERTEC maintains and stores data and images related to all items processed through the Item Processing Application for a retention period of seven years. This includes images currently maintained on the existing check processing application after being migrated. We also provide FI-authorized users with a Web-Based Research Tool for the retrieval of data and images of all items processed on the application. Items are available online for a period of 13 months. You can also obtain images via CD or DVD.