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Allow us to reduce your administrative costs and, at the same time, achieve the efficiency and effectiveness in human resources management that is critical for the success of your business. HR Sense Solutions is a module-based application that facilitates the effective administration of your most valuable resource: your workforce. Click here for more information. 

HR Administration

A powerful tool for optimizing your HR administration’s ability to attract, retain and develop personnel. Whether you operate in the public or private sector, HR Sense Solutions allows all organizations to adopt a structural knowledge-management approach to HR administration functions.

Payroll & Tax Return

HR Sense Solutions is a fully integrated, flexible and user-friendly module that facilitates your payroll procedures while allowing customization of user-specific formulas for income, deductions and benefits. It also provides for a trial run before payroll is actually processed to verify its effect on salaries, regular schedules and overtime. Built on an ACH format, our solution provides the robust capacity to manage a high volume of employee transactions, and supports electronic transfers of funds including child support. HR Sense Solutions can be integrated with a variety of electronic clocks to improve your data collection process. The module computes taxes and reduces form preparation time.

Time Management & Attendance

Capture real-time labor data using Interactive Voice Response, biometric terminals including Hand Punch and Finger Scan technology, mobile devices or virtual clocks. Rich with features, our solution produces time sheets and management reports, anticipates possible investments in overtime, automates absenteeism response by monitoring absence tendencies, and enables the transfer of data to Payroll and HR Administration modules.

Employee Self Access

Provide your employees with a self-service tool to access information such as pay stubs, vacation/sick leave, and benefits. This feature eases the burden on HR departments by making information directly accessible to employees, supervisors and managers.

HR Alerts

Communicate proactively and automatically with employees and managers while tracking important dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, employees’ status, salary changes, benefits expiration and many other events. With HR Sense Solutions you can also monitor and distribute time-sensitive information to managers, supervisors and employees via e-mail or phone.

Performance Management

Set up your employees’ performance evaluations by aligning individuals with organizational goals. Provide your employees with feedback, coaching and continuous communication to maximize engagement and retention. HR Sense Solutions offers a wide range of features including aptitude administration, employee surveys, 360/Multi-Rater reviews and employee profile management.