Card Processing
Card Processing

We have the solution to handle the credit, debit, prepaid and corporate portfolios from end to end.

  • Issuing of Visa, MasterCard, ATH® and other brands
  • Issuing of chip cards, contactless and magnetic stripe
  • Complete product management in real time
  • Account administration
  • Embossing and PIN generation file
  • Interfaces with external systems
  • Transactions authentication and routing 
  • Online and offline authorization
  • Transaction settlement
  • Reports and files
  • Balances synchronization
  • File issuing for credit agencies
Value Added Services
Value Added Services

Our specialized card issuing and processing systems allow you to manage your credit and debit portfolio in an efficient, flexible and with the latest trends of the industry.

  • Origination, activation and client retention
  • Loyalty program administration
  • Account statements generation
  • Fraud module and online risk management
  • Call center service (24x7x365)
  • Chargebacks handling
  • SMS, email and push notifications
  • Consulting services
Card Control Platform
Card Control Platform

Innovative platform that allows you to offer your cardholders, a tool to control and manage your card from a mobile device or web page.

The cardholder can place his card in active mode (ON) or protected mode (OFF) with a simple button in the application, additionally card allows to activate or deactivate authorizations according to channel: POS, ATM, online and / or telephone orders. It also allows activating or deactivating countries in which you can carry out transactions in case of travel.

 Benefits for the issuing bank:

  • Fraud control, can generate cost savings for fraud
  • Reduces the need for cardholders to call contact centers or visit branches to notify travel
  • Innovative solution: greater control and convenience improves customer satisfaction