ATM Switching and/or Driving
ATM Switching and/or Driving

Our solution has all industry certifications, an experienced team, multi-vendor support and main franchise's certifications.

  • Chargeback management
  • Preferences (language, type of account, statement of account and amount of cash withdrawals)
  • Reports
  • We develop new functionalities for main ATM providers
  • Card payments in cash
  • Payment of operations with charge to account
  • Payment of public services

Allows transactional monitoring online, for both financial and non-financial transactions in real time, and immediate management of alerts in a complete and user-friendly environment for analysts.

  • Alerts and terminal monitoring
  • Transaction monitoring tools
  • Transaction analysis
  • Screen download to ATM
ATM Management
ATM Management
  • We have one of the main ATM and debit card (PIN) networks in Latin America, with services in Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Dominican Republic and Costa Rica.
  • For more than 30 years, the ATH® Network has developed a wide range of innovative products and services for network participants, in order to offer consumers safe and convenient alternatives to access their money instantly.
  • Allows the relationship between affiliate merchants and card issuers, which facilitates local processing and transaction settlement in a safe and effective manner.
  • By offering the technology, communication channels, security measures, fund liquidation processes, rules and procedures, we make it possible for consumers, merchants, processors, ATM networks and card issuers to perform business transactions without problems, through different channels.