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Launches ATH Móvil® payment solution for online businesses

(San Juan, Puerto Rico – October 10, 2018) – Evertec® announced the launch of its ATH Móvil payment solution for e-commerce websites and mobile applications. This new solution will be available as of today for a limited group of merchants as part of an extended pilot phase and will be available for the over 12,000 participating businesses in ATH Móvil Business® at the beginning of 2019.

With this service, Evertec continues to improve its products and service offerings to small and medium-sized businesses giving them the ability of accepting online payments in real time. “At Evertec we continue developing innovative and secure solutions for our clients. Seeing the continued growth of e-commerce sales, rapid adoption of smart phones, significant increase in the number of people connected to the internet and the growing acceptance of ATH Móvil, we created this solution as a way to offer our online merchants increased convenience to accept electronic payments in an easy and secure way. Additionally, the over 1.1 million users of ATH Móvil will now be able to pay faster and easier on the digital channels of the businesses participating in this extended pilot", said Gustavo Díaz Garratón, Manager of Evertec Digital Payment Solutions.

Innovating with partnerships with local businesses

Since the beginning of 2018, we have been working in partnership with Supermercados Econo, who implemented an initial version of the service in its mobile application EconoToGo.

Eduardo Marxuach, President & CEO of Supermercados Econo indicated, "we are seeing a change in the purchase behaviors of our consumer leveraging the technology resources available to them. By having the ATH Móvil payment solution on our EconoToGo platform, we offer our consumers a fast, secure and convenient way to pay for their goods. Today, the use of ATH Móvil within our EconoToGo application represents 46% of payments, less than one year since its launch."

Participating businesses in this extended pilot phase include: EconoToGo, Puma FastPay, Connect Assistance, Clickup, Uva!, Gustazos and others that we will be announced soon thru the ATH® social media channels.

To make a payment, ATH Móvil users only have to press the button "Pay with ATH Móvil” on the web page or mobile application of the business, authenticate themselves in the ATH Móvil application using their fingerprint, code or password, and confirm the payment.

Press Release

Among the benefits that the ATH Móvil payment button offers participating businesses are:

  • Ability to offer their customers a faster and easier online payment process
  • Receive money instantly, since payments are reflected real-time
  • Accept the most popular and safe payment method in Puerto Rico
  • Easy integration into their e-commerce websites through self-service software interfaces (APIs) and software development kits (SDKs).
  • Low cost per transaction, compared to other online payment platforms
  • Access to more than one million participating users of ATH Móvil who will be able to pay on their web pages and mobile applications.

Puma Energy Puerto Rico will be one of the first businesses that will offer the ATH Móvil payment solution in its Puma Fast Pay application, an innovative application that allows the user to pay at the pump. Víctor Domínguez, General Manager of Puma Energy Puerto Rico, stated, “we are very happy with this new solution that Evertec is offering us since it simplifies the payment process at our network of 230 gas stations around the island for our Puma Fast Pay users. With this functionality, we are improving the customer experience at our stations, which in turn simplifies our clients’ day-to-day.”

Meanwhile, Gustavo Villares, Chief Executive Officer of Gustazos stated, “Since the onset, I've been a big fan of ATH Móvil. It has completely transformed transactions in the social space. Now, with the new ATH Móvil payment solution, the consumer can pay businesses that offer their services online. It is a new and innovative option when paying for a service or product via web or mobile. Today, I am pleased to announce that it will become a new form of payment at Gustazos.com. We are the first e-commerce digital marketing platform in in Puerto Rico to offer ATH Móvil as a payment method.”