Comprehensive and advanced solution for all processes that require different implementations for acquirer or multi purchasers in all its extent, providing all interfaces for required configuration, operation, administration and management reports, and the complete management of merchants, controlling the integrity of the quadrature process and generation of management reports and financial position, essential for proactive management and maximum profitability in the Acquiring Business.

Our acquisition services modules provide you

  • Credit, debit, prepaid and private brand
  • Creation, activation and retention of merchants
  • Billing, clearing, settlement and reporting
  • Fraud and risk management, reimbursement and collections
  • Authorization and capture
  • Change and POS driving
  • Acceptance of chip cards and contactless
  • Handling of chargebacks
  • Generation of messages by email and text
  • POS remote administration
We provide a multi-channel solution allowing the acceptance of:
We provide a multi-channel solution allowing the acceptance of:
  • Points of Sale (POS)
  • Electronic commerce
  • Payment Portal
  • IVR
  • Telephone and online orders
  • Cash registers integration
  • Call Center service for its affiliated merchants
  • mPOS (Smartphone as POS)
  • vPOS (Virtual POS for PC)
  • Recurring charges
  • Kiosks
  • Collect
  • Non-banking correspondent
  • Fleet card
  • POS remote administration